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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh Interweb. How I love thee.

So, the stolen internet at my house has been down for the past few days. The nerve. I mean, you'd think whoever on my block is paying for wireless internet would be a little more dilligent about maintenance. Anyway, on to updates.

Knit, purl, and hurl was a raging success. Rebecca has already posted some pics, but here's one that Ellie took of me and Libby in all our drunken knitting glory.

I also have been doing actual knitting but I needed a break from the hard projects (Orangina's short row shaping), so I churned out another Mason Dixon dishcloth and got to work on the knitted/quilted potholders I'm making my grandmother for Mother's Day. Pictures forthcoming, but I've got store stuff to do. Customers!


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