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Monday, June 12, 2006

Dorkgasm! and FOs too

Look at my Orangina! Isn't she perfect and wonderful? I loved this pattern and would not change anything except that maybe I wouldn't have sized it up. It fits now, but once the cotton grows a bit I fear it will be too loose. Honestly, this is the first sweater I've made that I'm 100% satisfied with. Stay tuned for photos of it actually on my body.

Also, see the lace and cable hat in red shiny Fiesta La Luz. It's for my girlfriend and her baby dreadlocks. It is super cute and was a super fun knit. Word of advice though that I got from Libby: don't actually start on DPNs unless you have really long ones. Because keeping 121 stitches on 6" DPNs is not feasible. And circular needles are just easier.

And the dorkgasm is courtesy of Libby's dorkiness. Harry Potter crafts. We all know about the wide world of Hogwarts house scarves and Hermione hats and mittend, but did you know about the Dark Mark bag? How about the Potter quilting projects? The real question is, are you really geeky enough for it? If you're me, you're already thinking about putting the Dark Mark on a laptop case. So there's your answer.


  • At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Again, awesome Orngina and Skull cap. Love it.

    Sconnie Knitter in DC


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