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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

some people just suck.

do you read eunny jang's blog (here)? because if you don't, you should. her patterns make me want to rise to new challenges. i'm dying to make the deep v argyle vest and can hardly wait for her to write out some of her other sweater and sock patterns. the way that she visualizes and explains things makes me drool. i love a well-written pattern, and apparently, so does she. plus, she's friggin' brilliant. she uses stitch patterns to make the shaping happen and appreciates the good things about seamless construction without seeming too lazy to sew seams.

all that said, i was just sighing in awe over her latest sweater, the twisted stitch sweater, and scrolling through the comments. of the over 200 comments, most of them are like me. full of gushing love and compliments on her awesomeness. but some are a bit haughty. jess pointed out one in particular. it says, "SO . . . to make a long story short Eunny . . . you're young, don't waste too much time knitting, or else you will age quicker than you thought and your body will show it! The hours of bending forward and looking downward is killer on the shoulders, bustline, and neckline! Ya heard it from me -- a living testament to the dangers of compulsive knitting!" umm, wtf?

and now someone has responded and they're conversing in her blog about the link between knitting and a sedentary lifestyle. i have no serious opinion on the subject, but i do wish they would shut the hell up and stop distracting me from the gloriousness of the knitting. and frankly, you just don't tell someone that their masterpiece of artistry is great but all that talent is gonna make her fat. it's just tacky.

i still can't find my camera cords and the bombshell is pissing me off. i think i need to work on small projects for awhile. like socks. and dishcloths. and other tiny shit. i'm just grumpy.


  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    That's weird! Besides which, Eunny keeps her blog for knitting, we don't know anything about the rest of her life, so it's really presumptuous of anyone to call her sedentary! She could be like me and spend the other half of her life teaching dance classes for all we know!


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