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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

over a month later...

so, i've been busy. doing yarn things that have been very exciting overall. below find a post that is heavy on name-dropping, linking, and narration. light on actual knitting content.

first, was TNNA. Many of the pro-bloggers out there have already described it in detail. It's the super big trade show where stores come to pick out their merchandise for the next season, and Neighborhood Fiber Co. had a booth. Well, not a booth. I couldn't afford a proper booth. I had a table. In a stroke of amazing luck, my table was right by the front door. I saw everyone that came in and everyone saw me.

Now for the name dropping, I saw and accosted Yahaira, Stefanie, Leah, Amy Singer, Annie Modesitt, and others. I got to actually hang out with Stefanie, her adorable mom, and her publishers one night. She was totally good about me being a big dorky fangirl around her. I gave Amy O'Neil a big hug and finally got to meet Drew Emborsky at the end of the show after we had both been trying to say hi for 2 days. I got an awesome laptop bag from the delightful Lexie Barnes and met and took orders from some fabulous shop owners around the country. It was totally successful and I could not be happier about the show.

One of the best parts was finally meeting in person Jacki, Gail, and Travis from Cider Moon. Jacki and I had been exchanging emails for awhile about being indy dyers and freaking out about the Knitters Connection market that we were both doing. It was so great to see them in person and they totally helped me get through the madness of being in Columbus for my first two shows.

When I said I forgot my ballwinder like a doofus, they brought me one of theirs. When I was without coffee and no one could cover my booth, Travis braved the lines of knitters to order my girly assed overpriced vanilla soy latte. They even took me out to dinner after the podcast.

The podcast. Lime N Violet live podcast was Wednesday night. Violet was sick so it was Lime N Special Guest Host Fran. Fran was organizing the Knitters Connection and she was awesome on the podcast. Very natural and good at keeping the conversation moving.

Still, it was good that Violet recovered in time for the market. She and Lime had very important yarn fondling to do. The market was great. The other vendors were awesome and now for more name dropping. Yarn Love, Yarns Forever, Yarn Smith and lots of other great people. I had a big geek moment when I realized Cheryl Oberle (author of Folk Shawls) was there too. Same moment when Cat Bordhi told me my colors were beautiful.

Also got to see the Gossip Fairy and Yarmando again. And was lucky enough to have Karen as my helper on Saturday for the show. Saturday night went out with Jacki, Travis, Karen, Gerry, Don, Erika, her friend Travis, and Yarn Love ladies for dinner and copious drinking. It was such a good release after the week of high pressure yarn sales.

Sunday, Erika and I did the drive back and immediately collapsed into bed. Now, I'm just filling orders, following up, and hanging out. Thanks to everyone who made the trip a success.


  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger sarah lou said…

    w00t! yay cider moon and all those other folks you got to hobknob with. is it hobknob or hobnob?? anyway, pleasure meeting you and wish you lived closer so we could hang.

  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Leah said…

    Glad the rest of your TNNA experience was awesome! It was such fun oogling your yarns!

    I can't wait to knit with your lace!!!

  • At 3:09 PM, Blogger Karen said…

    Here's to Karida, the next knitting celebrity. Someday, some hopeful kid who dyes her own yarn in her house will come back from a TNNA all excited because she got to meet you.

  • At 12:35 PM, Blogger Karen said…

    I had so much meeting you, Karida! And the Cider Moon gals and Travis are terrific fun, too!


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