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Sunday, August 13, 2006

still a big dork

Sometimes fate smiles at me...

Last night, after work, Erika and I went to visit our new local comic shop (LCS), Fantom Comics. Yes, I know how dorky it is to have an LCS. Anyway, Matt, the owner, informed us that the store is planning a Buffy/Angel trivia contest. I am so there! He says he's planning to wait until the college kids get back. I told him that I'd be ready to kick those college kids' asses!

The prize is $500 worth of merch, which is awesome. But my main motivation is bragging rights. I want to demolish the other fans and then swagger out of the shop with my girl on my arm carrying a crapload of stuff, secure in the knowledge that I am officially the most knowledgeable Buffy fan in the area. In my imagination, "We Are The Champions" is playing in the background.

The fate part is that Rebecca and I just started re-watching Buffy from the beginning, and I'm 99.99% sure that someone is going to get me The Chosen Collection for my birthday, which is soon. Now, all I need is flashcards.


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