Multiple Craftgasm

Wherein Karida knits, crochets, embroiders, quilts, does cross stitch, and paper craft (It's not scrapbooking damnit!). But mostly she knits.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

does the word duh mean anything to you?

So, I totally missed the part of rockin grrl blogger-ness where I tag 5 other ladies who rock. Because the tagging of people is what makes it a meme. Yeah. Slow day. All these people rock, despite the non-girl status of one. Because even if he's not a girl, he's one crafty mofo. And maybe that gives him grrl status.
1. Jacki
2. Libby and Karen
3. Micah
4. Olga
5. Leah
All folks who rock hardcore and are actively blogging.

The post title is courtesy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie. Which I love in the way that you love things you know are really really bad. Because the movie makes me happy in the sense that it spawned the Best Show Evah and includes former love of my life bad boy, Luke Perry. Because I loved 90210 SO much. And to prove that I have not one or two, but many dorky secrets, I ask you this. Who else is dying to see Hairspray on Broadway now that it features Ashley Parker Angel, Lance Bass, and Tevin Campbell? It's like pop boy overload.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Actual Knitting!

Stef tagged me as a rockin' girl blogger! Aww, she's so sweet! But on the condition that I actually update and post. So see me posting things. Things with actual knitting!

And look, it's something that isn't just a sample. This sock is going on my sweaty foot! And apparently, I am the last person to knit the Monkey socks. So here they are!

Though you can't tell it here, I'm actually quite far along. Heel is turned and I'm probably only 3 or 4 repeats from toe decreases.

Life has been crazy, as usual, but I have also done some spinning. I'll post pics when I get around to getting the yarn off the bobbin. Even in spinning, I tend to put off the finishing.