Multiple Craftgasm

Wherein Karida knits, crochets, embroiders, quilts, does cross stitch, and paper craft (It's not scrapbooking damnit!). But mostly she knits.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

one. cut a hole in a box!

what do you do when your cat gets on the new diningroom table (which she's not allowed to do) and gets into a box?

of course you take a picture. and sing "dick in a box" with cat instead! it's my cat in a box!

no shame

i'll admit it. i have super mega awesome cable with ten bazillion chanels and i'm watching bring it on: all or nothing staring the cheerleader from heroes and lozenge or syringe or whatever beyonce's little sister is named. it's so very bad. they speak in "im" and say things like omg, imho, and tbnt n lieu of actual words. and yet, i watch. and they just started crumping! sorta...

unrelated, here are the new colors including better pictures of Brookland.

from left to right: Glover Park, a gift for Micah as thanks for all the help moving furniture and endless bins of yarn; Brookland, named for the neighborhood I thought I lived in until I realized I live in Edgewood; and Kingman Park which is basically the eastern part of Cap Hill for Ginny because she asked and just had a baby so that deserves something.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

hand dye

just got back from knit, purl, and hurl with the girls (no micah!). i haven't been in weeks and it was so good to be back and see what everyone was knitting. and show off my entrelac socks-in-progress, of course. speaking of, people have been asking what yarn i'm using. it's artyarns ultramerino 4 in a purple-y and green-y color. i think the purple-y one is color 108, but i can't tell from the website what the color number is for the green-y one.

and now, because i like posting a picture, i dyed a new color. a dark turquoise color with shades of purple and mauve. the picture doesn't do it justice. not sure what neighborhood this will be. i'm in brookland and i am loving this color, so maybe this is brookland...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

island formal?!?

so it's one thing to know that south florida is full of all the rich jews from new york/new jersey and it's a whole different thing to really know. i just spent a few days in boca raton and west palm beach and now i know.

my mom sits on a for-profit board of directors for a company that i won't name, and their annual board retreat was in boca. being the giant leech that i am, i went, of course. now my mom is the only woman, as well as being the only person of color (unless you can count overly tanned as being a color), so the planned spouse activities were really geared towards wives of big board types. the qintessential ladies who lunch.

we went shopping on worth avenue as an excursion, and of the group, i was the only one who had a job. any job at all. then we went to lunch and all ordered salads. and then went to neiman's and sak's to help the chairman's wife shop for a dress that met the qualifications of "island formal" for a wedding in jamaica. and oh the parade of dresses. carolina herrera, marc jacobs, oscar de la renta, etc. by the end of the day, my head was spinning. and the thing is, all of these women, who don't work for a living and could pay my rent with the cost of a pair of their shoes, were REALLY nice. like shockingly, overly, super duper nice. not fake nice. just genuinely nice. and seemingly unaware that they're the top 1% of the population. it was surreal. but still included lots of beach knitting time.

and with that, ladies and gentleman (micah), we have heel:

Friday, March 02, 2007

weather stuff

it's 60 degrees again! take that february!

i love