Multiple Craftgasm

Wherein Karida knits, crochets, embroiders, quilts, does cross stitch, and paper craft (It's not scrapbooking damnit!). But mostly she knits.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

jesus would take the metro

So, yesterday, Hannah and I spent my day off doing fun stuff. Fun colorful stuff. First we dyed some roving for Hannah to spin up. Pictures forthcoming. Then we dyed a whole crapload of sock yarn. It was so exciting to see what colors would come out after the dye was set and the yarn was rinsed. So much fun! And the colors! You can tell I'm excited by my abuse of exclamation points!

On an unrelated note, I'm less than 20 rows away from steeking my argyle vest. I'll post pics of the steeking process. And the drinking that will likely follow.

And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It was awesome. Full of family, friends and favorite three Fs. Plus presents, including beautiful Manos wool from Jess to make my fantasy bag that I posted about earlier. So, thanks!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

5 reasons why I'm in love with the new Rowan Magazine

5. Argyle Fingerless Mitts (notice my argyle obsession)

4. Knee-High Lace Stockings

3. Frilly Lace and Cable sweater in Wool Cotton (I have a LOT of Wool Cotton in my stash)


1. SERIOUSLY, THERE ARE BIGGER SIZES. I can finally knit a Rowan pattern without doing a shitload of math. Words cannot express how happy I am.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

argyle update

I feel a bit like Pygmalion. Without the icky paternalism issues. I mean that I am falling in love with my creation. I keep looking at the vest and thinking how pretty it looks. And the detail. Oh, the detail. So much detail. 16 pages of detail. Notice the begininng of my steek for the v neckline with the stitches that are on hold. I readily admit to being very proud of myself and being obnoxious about telling people. Such a great knit.

And my fantasy yarn for the Wobbly Circles Tote from Spring 2006 Interweave. If only I could justify dropping the cash for the Manos...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

random acts of violence

Is it okay to punch people who walk into the store and manhandle the Deep V Argyle Vest-in-progress? Are there allowances made for their non-knitting friends who also pick up the vest and then play with the stitches?

still a big dork

Sometimes fate smiles at me...

Last night, after work, Erika and I went to visit our new local comic shop (LCS), Fantom Comics. Yes, I know how dorky it is to have an LCS. Anyway, Matt, the owner, informed us that the store is planning a Buffy/Angel trivia contest. I am so there! He says he's planning to wait until the college kids get back. I told him that I'd be ready to kick those college kids' asses!

The prize is $500 worth of merch, which is awesome. But my main motivation is bragging rights. I want to demolish the other fans and then swagger out of the shop with my girl on my arm carrying a crapload of stuff, secure in the knowledge that I am officially the most knowledgeable Buffy fan in the area. In my imagination, "We Are The Champions" is playing in the background.

The fate part is that Rebecca and I just started re-watching Buffy from the beginning, and I'm 99.99% sure that someone is going to get me The Chosen Collection for my birthday, which is soon. Now, all I need is flashcards.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

geek out

Someone has made the movie I've always wanted to make. It's a movie about fans. Non-Trek fans. My kind of fans. Joss-verse fans. It's a documentary about Firefly fans and the making of the Serenity movie. I am so freaking excited. Read here

And by the way, the Pretenders concert was fantabulous. Chrissie Hynde is so freaking hot.